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    • Clinton goads Trump on wealth, takes heat on emails and ISIS
      Hillary Clinton stepped onto the debate stage Monday night determined to show that only one candidate is ready to be president.
    • GLOBAL VIEW: Nukes, ISIS, hackers
      So you're not American. Should you care about what happened at the first presidential debate?
    • WATCH: Debate in 2 mins
      The best moments from the highly anticipated first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
    • ZING! 'That makes me smart'
      Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchanged a series of quick jabs during the first presidential debate at Hofstra University Monday night in Hempstead, New York.
    • Reality Check: Truth and lies
      Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed Monday in their first head-to-head debate of the general election season, with Trump in particular straying from the truth, CNN's Reality Check Team found.
    • Highlights: Trump's strong start
      The debate of the century delivered.
    • Clinton: Trump's 'Miss Piggy' jibe
      Hillary Clinton was making a point about Donald Trump and women at the first presidential debate when she brought up Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who says Donald Trump insulted her.
    • Poll: Clinton wins round one
      Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner of Monday night's debate by 62% of voters who tuned in to watch, while just 27% said they thought Donald Trump had the better night, according to a CNN/ORC Poll of voters who watched the debate. That drubbing is similar to Mitt Romney's dominant performance over President Barack Obama in the first 2012 presidential debate.
    • Verdict: 'Where Clinton damaged Trump'
      CNN commentators and guest analysts offer their take on Monday night's presidential candidate debate. The opinions expressed in these commentaries are solely those of the authors.
    • #Trumpsniff: Why was he sniffling?
      The first face-to-face confrontation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump proceeded more or less as expected with the presidential candidates perspiring over their different views of the economy, taxation laws and foreign policy.
    • Quiz: Are you more Clinton or Trump?
    • Why this is revered in China
      To the untrained eye it's a simple piece of jewelry -- but don't let its modesty fool you.
    • North Korea shows off air force
      In a one-off for the secretive country, North Korea has hosted its first ever airshow.
    • MH17: Russia blames Ukraine
      Just days before the release of a report into the investigation into the fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, Russia's defense ministry released radar data which, it alleges, shows that if the plane was shot down, it was done so by Ukrainian forces.
    • Airstrikes: 26, including 6 children, die
      At least 26 people have been killed, including six children, in airstrikes from Monday, which have targeted rebel-held areas of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, according to the UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).
    • Two bomb attacks in Germany
      Two separate bomb attacks took place in the German city of Dresden Monday night, according to Saxony police. One of the attacks targeted a mosque while the second targeted the International Congress Center of Dresden.
    • Girl: Black parents are getting killed
      A young girl climbed up a step ladder to stand at the podium before a tense Charlotte City Council meeting.
    • Snake stops a bullet train
      An unlikely stowaway on a Japanese bullet train forced the country's usually uber-punctual rail service to make an emergency stop Monday.
    • How everyday fungi kill millions
      Diseases caused by fungi are deadlier than many think, killing around 1.5 million people globally each year.
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